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Mind of a Mentor Episode #84: Hayley Luckadoo, Host of the Females on Fire Podcast

Hayley Luckadoo is a serial entrepreneur, podcaster, and motivational speaker who spends her days dreaming up new ways to help creatives take risks, grow their business, and achieve their biggest dreams.

Hayley’s first foray into entrepreneurship was her wedding planning business, Fairytale Pursuits, which she started out of her college dorm room. Hayley went on to partner with her husband Luke to launch Luckadoo Media Co., a digital marketing company that has become her most profitable business to date. Luckadoo Media Co. has expanded into coaching, courses, and podcasts, work that led Hayley to discover her passion for motivational speaking.

Hayley hosts and produces her own podcast, Females on Fire (listen on Apple Podcasts and Stitcher). Her show champions exceptionally talented and groundbreaking women who want to help other women learn how to break barriers, defy odds, and reach their goals. By providing educational training and inspiration, Females on Fire is an all-in-one platform for business and personal development.

Tune in to episode #84 of our Mind of a Mentor podcast to hear Hayley’s story in her own words!

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