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Mind of a Mentor Episode #19: Heather Monahan, CEO/Founder of Boss In Heels

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Heather Monahan is a motivational speaker, business expert, author, and CEO/founder of Boss in Heels LLC. Her book, “Confidence Creator” is a #1 bestseller on Amazon. Her mission is to empower women to bring out their natural confidence by fostering their unique skills and strengths. She currently works with Fortune 500 companies to create confidence in the workplace, thus increasing motivation and revenue.

Heather has been featured on CNN, Forbes, USA Today, and more, bringing her business expertise to the masses. She was named one of the most Influential Women in Radio in 2017, and Thrive Global named her a Limit Breaking Female Founder in 2018. She is also a Glass Ceiling Award winner.

Through all her success, Heather still focuses on building up other women succeed. Her website offers free e-books, courses, and special deals on her book to help female entrepreneurs learn from her success and follow in her heeled footsteps.

Tune in to episode #19 of our Mind of a Mentor podcast to hear how Heather found herself as a top-earning, sought-after entrepreneur.

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