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Mind of a Mentor Episode #48: Heidi Rew, Founder/Host of The Heidi Rew Show

Heidi Rew is a voiceover actor, on-camera host, and founder of The Heidi Rew Show, a podcast that features Heidi’s conversations with female leaders in interior design, food, fitness, business, beauty, fashion, and entertainment.

Podcasting was a natural fit for Heidi, who worked for close to a decade as an on-air radio personality in Chattanooga and Atlanta, During that time, Heidi built a career in voiceover work with major brands like Belk, Build-A-Bear, and Jiffy Lube.

Today, Heidi is a full-time on-camera and voiceover actor. She also runs Atlanta Voiceover Studio with her husband, Mike. She cites this working relationship as one of her greatest career struggles yet, but also one of her biggest learning lessons, both professionally and personally.

“This past spring, I was nervous about how the business was affecting our relationship,” she said. “We reached out to a life/business coach and she helped us tremendously! She helped us figure out which tasks the other does better, creating a 3 value system to filter all decisions and set up a weekly meeting. It really has changed everything.”


Heidi’s podcast conversations are wildly inspiring, in part due to Heidi’s own vulnerability and ability to help others see how they can live purposeful lives. “I came up with what I call the pyramid of greatness. I believe everyone has a sole purpose/role in their life  that’s the top of the pyramid,” she said. “For me, mine is CREATOR (they’re all nouns). Then you have the two legs of the pyramid and that represents two supporting purposes. Mine is ORGANIZER and INNOVATOR. When I’m doing anything that involves these things, I feel alive and like I truly am living my greatest life.”

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