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Mind of a Mentor – Hope Alcocer
Sharing Our Stories Heals Us (And Helps Us Kick Major Ass)

Life throws us some pretty rough curve balls sometimes.

When the going gets tough, it seems easy for us to cower behind the walls we’ve built and stay hidden until the turbulence is over.

And when you add into the mix that you’re a freelancer/entrepreneur, you are bound to get even more bumps and bruises along the way.

As part of our Mind of a Mentor podcast series here on Like a Boss Girls, we chatted with author and entrepreneur Hope Alcocer. Her story is one of hope (yep!) and triumph over a laundry list of setbacks.

The author of Where Hope Lies is no stranger to strife. Battling debilitating body image issues for the last fifteen years, surviving a toxic relationship, all while pursuing her entrepreneurial goals–Hope has had quite a bit of life experience.

Her story is another reminder that it is how we rise after life has knocked the wind out of us, not that we got scraped up, that matters.

And it is because of these struggles, not in spite of them, that she is at this magical place in her life, continuing to carve out a meaningful existence. She is using her voice and her story to heal herself.

Here you can hear Hope’s amazing story of growth,  from her physical and emotional health to seeking a work-life balance amongst it all.

Take a listen to this episode with Hope, here (or below!).

Incredible story, incredible woman, incredible testimony for women in business.

As Hope said, we must first build ourselves up and create that firm foundation on which to build our own lives. We cannot rely on someone or something else.

A life rooted deeply in love, faith, and family, Hope Alcocer is the true definition of empowerment and boldness.

Her zest for life is insatiable, and her mindset around entrepreneurship and business is second-to-none.

When you’re ready to let go of the excuses and stop letting fear and roadblocks drive your life’s story, pop in your headphones and take notes. Because this powerful woman is paving the way for others like her to let go of the hurt and pain and stare success straight in the face!

Catch the convo between Hope and our founder Marla on this Mind of a Mentor podcast.

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