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Mind of a Mentor Episode #53: Jennifer Iannolo, Founder of IMPERIA

Jennifer Iannolo is a women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship expert who has led keynote talks and workshops for prestigious institutions like Harvard University and the United Nations. She recently toured through India as a featured speaker for the U.S. State Department’s Global Entrepreneurship Summit. She has also been a mentor and advisor to the United Nations Young Women Professionals group in NYC, and she chaired a conference on social entrepreneurship in 1994.

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Jennifer is currently the founder of IMPERIA (formerly known as The Concordia Project), a global innovation incubator that joins women from 195 countries in a collaborative conversation about empowerment, resilience, and leadership. Through her leadership coaching, Jennifer has helped past clients successfully pitch incubators and win lucrative startup funding competitions.

Before all of her current work with IMPERIA, Jennifer ran a successful food podcast channel and traveled the world to interview chefs and winemakers. As glamorous as this sounds, it actually came out of a very dark time in her life.


“At the very peak of my career, I burned out and developed autoimmune issues, including severe food reactions. I had to pivot my entire life, and going through that process helped me to understand what resilience means,” Jennifer said. “No matter how dark it gets – and it can get pretty dark – there is always a way to pick yourself up.”

After this journey, Jennifer knew it was her mission to show other women the power of their own resilience and their ability to empower themselves. She is breaking down the very concept of empowerment, showing women that it doesn’t come from an external source – it comes from within. Her signature phrase, “No one is coming,” is a nod to this concept of internal empowerment.

Listen to Jennifer’s story in her own words on episode #53 on Mind of a Mentor!

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