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Mind of a Mentor Episode #50: Julie Fogh and Casey Erin Clark, Co-Founders of Vital Voice Training

Julie Fogh and Casey Erin Clark are the co-founders of Vital Voice Training, a speech coaching company that is actively changing the perception of how women are “supposed” to sound. Their program champions effective, honest, confident communication practices that foster an environment of understanding and respect.

The Vital Voice Training program goes far deeper than simple vocal tricks and putting on a brave face. The training allows women to move out of their comfort zone, tap into the core of their being, and feel comfortable and confident there. By doing this, Julie and Casey see the full potential of their clients and empower them to express it. They hope this training creates a new paradigm in terms of personal and professional communication.

In their own words, “In order to create this new paradigm, we need everyone’s voice at the table — particularly voices that have been marginalized for too long.”

The duo founded Vital Voice Training in 2014 after long careers in the acting industry. They cite their acting training as the catalyst for their deep understanding of the voice as a physical, mental, and emotional instrument for self-expression and connection.


Julie Fogh has an MFA in acting from Northern Illinois University, and she is a certified Associate Teacher in Fitzmaurice Voice Work. When she isn’t doing Vital Voice Training, she is an adjunct professor of Voice, Speech, and Acting classes at Manhattanville College.

Casey Erin Clark teaches private singing lessons to amateurs and professionals alike. When she was a little girl, she was called “bossy” by her peers. Nonetheless, she sang her first solo piece at just 4 years old. Fast forward a few decades, and find her on an 18 month tour with Les Miserables, while performing at the 2013 Oscars with the Les Mis movie cast.

Together, these two powerhouse women have pooled their talents to help empower women to raise their voices, communicate effectively, and truly express themselves. Listen to their stories on episode #55 of Mind of a Mentor.

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