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Mind of a Mentor Episode 109: Julie Michael, CEO at Team One

On this week’s episode of Mind of a Mentor, we have Julie Michael, Chief Executive Officer at Team One.

Julie Michael is the Chief Executive Officer at Team One, a premium-brand agency focused on helping brands build relationships of worth with affluent customers. Julie has led dozens of integrated marketing programs for modern brands, including launching the car-of-the-future with Steven Spielberg.

Prior to becoming CEO of Team One, Julie spent 18 years holding various senior management roles within the company. She was in charge of overseeing Team One’s Lexus National and Dealer Association accounts and served as Executive Director for numerous agency clients, including The Ritz-Carlton, HSBC Premier, Häagen-Dazs International, and American Express.

Before joining Team One, Julie was the Marketing Director at Crystal Mountain, a premier Northwest resort, where she ran marketing and sales.

She describes herself as both fiercely competitive and “Minnesota nice.” No matter what role she’s in, Julie brings her signature tenacity and flair for making the seemingly impossible, possible.

Listen to Julie Michael’s story in her own words on Mind of a Mentor:


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