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Mind of a Mentor Episode #81: Li Hayes, Founder of GoLeeward

Li Hayes is an entrepreneur, inventor, and TV show host. Her company, Go Leeward, represents top business keynote speakers and helps clients create successful, engaging events. Prior to founding GoLeeward, Li spent over 15 years working in HR, planning conferences and business meetings for large companies.

Li’s TV show, “A Certain Age”, highlights the major life accomplishments of women after hitting age 40. Li is passionate about undoing the dated social rhetoric many women have internalized — that at a certain age, it’s just “too late” to pursue your dreams. The inspiring stories of the women Li interviews on “A Certain Age” are proof that age is nothing but a number.

Li is also the inventor of The Cool Me scarf, a fashionable, luxurious scarf that provides on-the-go relief from hot flashes. The Cool Me scarf is a discreet and practical solution for the uncomfortable and embarrassing symptoms of menopause impacting up to 80 percent of middle-aged women.

Listen to episode #81 of our Mind of a Mentor podcast to hear Li’s story in her own words!

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