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Mind of a Mentor Episode #12: Lilly Rose Valore, Dancer and Trans Activist

Dancer and transgender activist Lilly Rose Valore is a fearless, unique, and incredibly talented dream chaser. After an intense battle with self-identity and expression, Lilly made her way into the hallowed halls of the prestigious dance school, Boston Conservatory. After graduating, she became a successful dance instructor teaching all types of classes and levels of expertise. She stayed in Boston and currently teaches a “vogue” class at Green Street Studios in Boston.

Before her dancing career took off, Lilly struggled with homelessness and family strife that threatened to derail her ultimate dream of becoming a renowned dancer. Lilly’s courage and success throughout her journey is inspiring for anyone, especially those in the trans community. Her story is one of immense strength in the face of unbelievable odds. Don’t miss this touching story from Lily Rose Valore on episode #12 of our Mind of a Mentor podcast.

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