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Mind of a Mentor Episode #32: Lina Schiffer, 1/2 of DJ Collective D.R.E.A.M.

Episode #32 of our Mind of a Mentor podcast features Lina Schiffer, a Finnish-Italian DJ, radio host, comedian and voice-over actress. Lina is one-half of the highly successful R&B/hip hop DJ duo D.R.E.A.M. They started as a radio show in 2015 and quickly evolved into one of the biggest club acts in Finland’s urban music scene. The DJ duo hosts their own bimonthly club and has collaborated with major brands including Adidas, Marimekko, H&M, and Absolut Vodka.


Before becoming a full-time DJ & radio host, Lina worked in advertising and comedy, writing and performing on Finnish TV. She has big plans to continue her work in the entertainment industry, building a faithful audience through her craft.

Listen to Lina’s story on episode #32 of Mind of a Mentor!

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