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Mind of a Mentor Episode #13: Loren North, Personal Stylist

Loren North is a personal stylist at Through the Closet Door, a business she founded and grew herself. Many women who have leaped into entrepreneurship from a traditional career path ask themselves, “how do I know when it’s time?“ In our conversation with Loren on episode #13 of Mind of a Mentor, she tells us how she listened to her gut, and it paid off big time.

The sustainable stylist shifted gears from science to fashion, which forced her to discover her passion and live her true purpose. Loren focuses on promoting sustainable fashion practices in an industry where fast is widely prefered over actual quality and value. By encouraging her clients to restyle the clothes they already own, shop at consignment shops, and buy from ethical brands, she works everyday to break the toxic consumption cycle in the fashion industry.

In her own words, “Sustainable style means creating a wardrobe, it means investing in clothes you want to keep that honor your style, and it looks just as good or even better when you shop secondhand!”

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