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Mind of a Mentor Episode #16: Maggie Ntim, Marketing Executive for Coca Cola

Maggie Ntim is a marketing mogul who has worked with major Fortune 500 companies like Coca Cola, Universal Music Group, Madison Square Garden, and Viacom.

Alongside these big business names, Maggie also has a passion for helping hip-hop artists make a name for themselves. She works as a branding manager for some of hip-hop‘s biggest names, including Nas, 50 Cent, Allen Iverson, and Ezekiel Elliot.

Originally hailing from Queens, New York, Maggie holds BBA in Marketing & BS in Finance from Brooklyn College and recently earned a Masters in Project Management and Sports Management from Northeastern University.

On episode#16 of our Mind of a Mentor podcast, we learn how Maggie merged the world’s of hip-hop and technology to create a career that is truly her own.

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