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Mind of a Mentor Episode #99: Marianne Malina, President of GSD&M

Marianne Malina is President of GSD&M, a full-service advertising agency in Austin, Texas. She is passionate about building company culture, empowering teams, and driving the agency’s core purpose – to create ideas that make a difference.

In her 20 years at GSD&M, Marianne has touched every department while driving big ideas for major brands. She led a campaign that brought back Southwest Airlines’ “Wanna Get Away” tagline and spearheaded the all-female team that won the Alzheimer’s Association business.

She also led the Fiat Chrysler Jeep team through a campaign that made them the only car brand to ever be honored with a Purple Heart. She has worked with other noteworthy brands like Capital One, Dodge and Pizza Hut using her boundless creativity to spark innovative ideas and successful campaigns.

In 2017, Marianne led the nationwide Time’s Up/Advertising initiative to take tangible action against discrimination while promoting equality and representation within the advertising industry.

Marianne is a creative powerhouse who continuously pushes GSD&M’s talent to think bigger to courageously tackle the major challenges facing today’s brands.

Listen to Marianne Malina’s story in her own words on episode #99 of our Mind of a Mentor podcast!

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