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Mind of a Mentor Episode #51: Marlo Ellis, Founder of The Uncommon Woman

Marlo Ellis is the founder of The Uncommon Woman, a platform for women to share their stories. Marlo encourages women to find healing and strength through past experiences that may have been holding them back from discovering their deeper purpose.

With over 20 years of professional teaching and coaching expertise, Marlo is able to provide women with meaningful tools for self-improvement through The Uncommon Woman’s series of live events, retreats, galleries, and various other initiatives. Her goal is to help women to move away from fear-based decision making so they can take action on their true passions to discover a higher level of self-love and acceptance.

In her own words, “[I’ve worked with] thousands of women in their transformational journey over the past 10 years, there has been one common denominator that shows up time and time again: Women feel isolated and alone in their pain. I know the darkness in this isolation. It is debilitating and can leave you feeling hopeless, helpless and without purpose or passion.”

Marlo’s mission with The Uncommon Woman is to help women see that they are not alone, and bring them out of that darkness and isolation so many of us feel. With the tools and resources she has developed nationwide, Marlo brings healing, love, and understanding to each and every one of her interactions with “uncommon women,” who are all on their own unique healing journey.

On episode #51 of our Mind of a Mentor podcast, Marlo Ellis tells us a bit about her own journey, how she got so inspired to help others through the darkness she faced herself, and the future of The Uncommon Woman. Tune in to hear about Marlo’s inspiring story and the incredible work she does.

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