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Mind of a Mentor Episode #27: Munira Ahmed, Inspiration behind “The Face of the Resistance”

Munira Ahmed is a first generation American and native New Yorker whose likeness you may recognize as “The Face of the Resistance.” She is the subject of the widely-known “We The People Are Greater Than Fear” poster art created by Amplifier Foundation and artist Shepard Fairey. This powerful image of Munira cloaked in a hijab with the stars and stripes of the American flag was seen far and wide at the inaugural Women’s March and across media, inspiring millions of women everywhere to stand up for their rights and those of their of our allies.

Munira’s tireless fight for human rights is on full display through her work as a social justice advocate, op-ed columnist, interpreter, and strategy consultant. She continues to live the resistance by challenging the status quo, while fighting back against new challenges women face each and everyday. She is currently a freelance photographer, still based in New York City.

Munira joins us on our latest episode of our Mind of a Mentor podcast to discuss her experience as a Muslim-American woman in our rapidly evolving society.

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