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Mind of a Mentor Episode #80: Nicole Christina, founder of Zestful Aging

Nicole Christina is a ​psychotherapist specializing in food and body issues, mindfulness, and positive aging. She is also the founder of Zestful Aging©, an initiative that teaches simple, sustainable habits for health and longevity through an eponymous podcast, blog, newsletter, and online course.

Through the principles of intuitive and mindful eating, Nicole teaches her clients how to listen to and trust their body’s internal cues for a peaceful and balanced approach to eating. She supports the philosophy of Health At Every Size (HAES), a scientifically-proven, holistic approach to health and weight that encourages “feeling good about oneself, eating well in a natural, relaxed way, and being comfortably active.” The HAES philosophy respects body diversity, recognizing that good health comes in many shapes and sizes.

Nicole takes a holistic approach to health and happiness, recognizing the impact of environmental and biological factors on each individual’s mood and behavior. She is an advocate for practices that integrate both brain and body as a means to achieving social, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Outside of work, Nicole tries her best to lead a balanced, healthy life by following the principles she teaches her clients about the importance of whole foods, exercise, and pleasure. She indulges her love of nature and dogs, enjoys knitting, and stays active by playing tennis. Nicole also feels incredibly fortunate to have found a career that brings her a sense of purpose, meaning, and accomplishment.

Listen to Nicole’s story in her own words on episode #80 on our Mind of a Mentor podcast!

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