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Mind of a Mentor Episode #47: Nicole Robertson, CEO of Swap Society

Episode #47 of the Mind of a Mentor podcast features Nicole Robertson, CEO and the Co-Founder of Swap Society, an online marketplace that combines fashion and sustainability. Swap Society enables members to swap clothing on a points system with fellow users for items of equal value.

Swap Society’s business model provides fashion lovers with an affordable way to update their wardrobe without the environmental toll of fast fashion. “The fashion industry accounts for 8% of global carbon emissions, pollutes our waterways, and enslaves women,” says Nicole. “I created Swap Society to help women consume less without sacrificing style, while still having fun with fashion.”

Previously, Nicole channeled her passion for the environment into her role as Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Cereplast, Inc., a NASDAQ-listed bioplastics manufacturer. She also has 20 years of experience in the cosmetics industry, with past leadership roles in brand development, marketing, and public relations for brands including Fred Segal Beauty and Beautyfix by Dermstore.

But before her career skyrocketed, Nicole had her share of hardships that gave her the tools she needed to find success later in life. With an abusive mother and an absent father, Nicole fostered a sense of self-discipline so strong that she finished high school in three years and entered college at 16 years old with a full scholarship.

After graduating, Nicole took some significant career risks before finding her stride in marketing and sustainable fashion. “I have always been self-motivated, and I have often listened to my intuition and took big risks jumping from one career to another, sometimes working in multiple industries at the same time,” she said. “I’ve had many versions of the side hustle, or rather the parallel hustle.”

But one of her biggest career challenges thus far was starting Swap Society as a new mother. “With an infant and a toddler, the timing was probably completely insane. But once I had the idea for Swap Society, I couldn’t put it off. Juggling everything is a challenge every day, but I continue to make it work, my business continues to grow, and my children are thriving.”

Learn more about Nicole Robertson’s journey by tuning into episode #47 of Mind of a Mentor!

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