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Mind of a Mentor Episode #96: Ona Oghogho, Founder of Blk Pod Collective

Ona Oghogho is the founder of Blk Pod Collective (BPC), an organization that provides educational, technical, and financial resources to podcasters in the black community in order to support their success in the podcast industry.

Ona came up with the idea for BPC when she was in need of guidance and support while developing her own podcast. Ona’s research led her to discover that the black community was underrepresented in podcasting.

Knowing that the podcast industry was positioned for exponential growth, Ona wanted to make sure that African and African-American podcasters were involved in podcasting in a meaningful way. So Ona made the difficult decision to step away from her career in healthcare revenue management in order to launch and run Blk Pod Collective.

Through Blk Pod Collective, Ona is on a mission to help African and African American podcasters elevate their shows so they can have better access to advertising dollars and opportunities available within the podcast industry.

Hear Ona’s story in her own words on episode #96 of our Mind of a Mentor podcast!

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