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Mind of a Mentor: the Art of Adaptability with Samantha Citro

I had the joy of bringing Samantha Citro, a boss girl in every sense of the word, on our Mind of a Mentor series.

Samantha is currently the Director of Marketing and Operations for indie beauty brand Immunocologie, but in her own words she’s the Director of GSD (Get Shit Done)! Amen to that sistah-friend.

This woman has traversed industries from entertainment to finance to beauty. Samantha thinks analytically and strategically at all times, brings the best out of a team, and is transparent about what she wants out of life (cough cough: very nice shoes).

And she’s here to share it all with you. You’re not going to want to miss this! 

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p.s. Samantha was awesome and offered up her contact info should you want to connect! [email protected]

Dig Samantha’s POV? So do we. That’s why Samantha Citro is a regular vlog contributor here at Like A Boss Girls. Check out her various video series here…

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