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Mind of a Mentor Episode #49: Sari Alise, Host of the “Bitch Let’s Talk” Podcast

Sari Alise is a media correspondent, host, and entrepreneur with an authentic personality that can perhaps best be described as “tastefully unapologetic.” Her podcast, “Bitch Let’s Talk,” creates a relatable and funny “adult sleepover/dinner party” atmosphere that encourages both featured guests and listeners to speak their mind and think outside of the box.

Sari first discovered her vocal ability through singing, and she has continued to use her voice as a form of expression throughout her career. No matter what this Philadelphia-born, Baltimore-raised media maven takes on, she always does it with a powerful commitment to stay true to herself.

In her own words, “my greatest inspiration is being the best version of myself, making my family proud and accomplishing goals I promised myself since I was a child.” She has always been ambitious, and her big dreams have helped her stay motivated as she carved her own career path.

As a young woman of color, Sari has had her share of struggles on her way to developing “Bitch Let’s Talk.” One of her greatest personal challenges has been being able to recognize her own value and truly love herself. Her open and honest discourse about these struggles is what makes her story so relatable, and her podcast such a wonderfully vulnerable conversation.

Tune in to episode #49 of our Mind of a Mentor podcast to hear Sari’s story!

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