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Mind of a Mentor Episode #126: Steph Vieau, Host of Aktivate

The latest episode of Mind of a Mentor features an interview with Steph Vieau, host of the Aktivate podcast. She and her cohost Kristin Ballard inspire women to get “unstuck” from a “less than” life. By offering tangible advice and sharing their own inspiring stories, Steph and Kristen have a mission to propel listeners forward into their best lives.

Steph Vieau is a self-proclaimed “Jesus lover, Spiritual Gangster, and Holistic Boss on a sober curious journey.” She is a single mother, top leader in her network marketing business, and two-time founder of two successful businesses. Learn more about Steph’s journey and the Aktivate podcast in her interview with Marla Isackson on the latest episode of the Mind of a Mentor podcast. Listen here:

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