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Mind of a Mentor Episode #75: Susan Eckstein, Transformational Coach

Susan Eckstein is a Speaker, Transformational Coach, and three-time Ironman Louisville finisher who helps her clients “do their impossible.” Through her work, Susan encourages high achievers to create and realize a bigger vision for their lives.

Susan began her career working in public relations. However, after accomplishing her dream of competing in her first Ironman Triathlon, Susan set her sights on a career that would combine her passion for fitness with her interest in helping others realize their potential.

Susan’s current career as a mindset coach, personal trainer and triathlon coach is work that enables her to live out her purpose. She has helped hundreds of women and men to prepare for and compete in their dream athletic events.

With over 10,000 hours of coaching and training experience, Susan has carved out a successful speaking career. She lends her expertise to stages, panels and workshops to encourage as many people as possible to think and play bigger, master their mindset, and achieve their biggest goals.

Hear Susan’s story in her own words on episode #75 of our Mind of a Mentor podcast!

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