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Mind of a Mentor #66: Taylor Simpson, Mindset Coach & Business Strategy Expert

Taylor Simpson is a mindset coach, business strategy expert, and motivational speaker who specializes in teaching people how to harness the power of their subconscious mind. Drawing on key principles from neuroscience and psychology, Taylor helps women learn how to identify and dissolve limiting beliefs in order to discover a higher sense of self-worth and create the life they want to be living.

Prior to launching her own business empire, Taylor earned a master’s degree in International Development and worked in traditional 9-to-5 jobs at the United Nations and on Capitol Hill. Taylor transitioned into an entrepreneurial coaching career after her personal self-discovery journey left her feeling inspired to help other women reach their full potential.

Taylor is the creator of several programs designed for achieving personal and professional success, including The Empowered Life Experience and The Money Mindset Masterclass. Her podcast, A Taylored Adventure in Happiness, has more than half a million downloads to date.

Tune in and listen to episode #66 of our Mind of a Mentor podcast to hear Taylor’s story in her own words!

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