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Mind of a Mentor Episode #131: Tracey Bissett, Host of Young Money Podcast

The latest episode of Mind of a Mentor features an interview with Tracey Bissett, Chief Financial Fitness Trainer at Bissett Financial Fitness Inc. and host of the Young Money podcast.

After receiving a Masters of Business Administration and Chartered Financial Analyst designation, Tracey became an executive at TD Bank, working with thousands of individuals to secure the financing they need. Currently, she is a full time professor of financial services at the Business School at Centennial College. This experience makes her uniquely suited to be a financial coach.

In addition to her background and educational experience, Tracey is the Chief Financial Fitness Trainer at Bissett Financial Fitness, Inc. In this position, she educates young adults and entrepreneurs on how to take control of their financial lives with confidence. As the host and executive producer for the Young Money podcast, Tracey helps listeners increase their financial fitness by sharing her expertise.

Tracey was named the Silver Award winner for The IFSE Institute Award for Financial Literacy Champion through the Wealth Professional Awards 2020 and Bissett Financial Fitness Inc. a Worldwide Finance Awards 2020 winner.

Listen to Tracey Bissett’s journey in her own words with Ossa CEO Marla Isackson on episode #131 of the Mind of a Mentor podcast!

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