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Mind of a Mentor Episode #23: Tracy O’Malley, Recovery Coach/Speaker

Professional recovery coach and entrepreneur Tracy O’Malley has experienced her share of ups and downs along the path to sobriety and success. The Chicago native rose from a tumultuous childhood haunted by alcoholism and eating disorders to a full life of helping others out of the situation she found herself in.

Although she struggled along the road to sobriety and a full recovery more than once, Tracy’s journey now serves as inspiration for women who are on this intensely challenging path. Tracy knows that it’s imperative to have support while trying to get sober, so primary goal in life is to serve as that support system, helping women overcome these challenges.

With tools like online resources, personal coaching sessions, and more, Tracy allows her clients to realize their true power and ability to overcome  In her own words, “I’m living proof that you can start at zero and fly beyond your wildest dreams.”


On episode #23 of our Mind of a Mentor podcast, Tracy tells her story from the beginning, and shares how she finds the strength and confidence to do this work everyday. Tune in to hear Tracy’s inspirational journey!

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