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Mind of a Mentor Episode #44: Zibby Owens, Creator and Host of “Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books”

Zibby Owens is the creator and host of “Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books,” a podcast in which she interviews writers about their work for listeners who don’t have as much time to read as they would like. The podcast caters to any woman with a busy lifestyle who is interested in literature and wants an inside scoop of the latest bestsellers.

Zibby is also a branding and marketing expert and an accomplished writer, editor, and publisher whose work has appeared in books, magazines and online publications including the New York Times, Marie Claire, Redbook, SELF, Today Parents, HuffPost Parents, and Modern Bride.

Her writing focuses on various lifestyle topics including home design, exercise, weddings, photography, grief, aging, and finding the humor in the struggles of parenthood. She co-wrote a self-help book called Your Perfect Fit in 2007, and she is currently working on a novel.

Zibby is a graduate of Yale University and Harvard Business School. She lives in Manhattan with her husband and four children, ages 3-11.

Don’t miss Zibby Owens’ fascinating story. Tune in to Episode #44 of Mind of a Mentor!

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