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Audio Kondo: Get Inspired to Clean House With These Minimalist Living Podcasts

If you’ve gotten the urge to purge your home during your time in quarantine, you’re not alone. The only problem is…well…many of us are alone right now, and let’s face it– it can be damn hard to hold onto that Kondo-esque joy-pile-or-junk-pile mindset when you don’t have friends or chosen family around to keep you from spiraling into a black hole of “what if I suddenly need 25 micro-USB charging cables” or to wipe away your tears of nostalgia for the days when you could see your friends without sparking a public health crisis.

With so much COVID-induced anxiety in the air and a laundry list of future unknowns, it may be an incredibly difficult time for you to feel “safe” getting rid of a significant chunk of your worldly possessions. It also may be the furthest you’ve ever felt from being your “best self” or “living your best life”–two aspirations that are often key to taking on the worst project ever AKA doing a full audit of all of your belongings. (Now I’m just projecting.)

Anyway, on the other side of the coin, there has quite possibly never been a better time to purge, organize, and clean up all of the crap weighing you down in your life because you literally have nowhere else to be. You just need to get in the right mindset to do it….but how?

You guys. What if I told you that there’s a support mechanism at your fingertips that has the power to summon the joyously-tidying nymph that lives inside of every one of us? (hint: the secret word rhymes with “schmodcasts”…)

It’s podcasts!!! (When in doubt, the answer is always “podcasts”.) And it’s just what the virtual doctor ordered for treating the Stuff-Scarcity Scaries.

For example, let’s take that leering pile of mildly-sentimental greeting cards and paper health insurance statements you still receive because you’ve been too lazy for the past 5 years to go to your online account and click “e-statements only” (again…I’m projecting).

Without a source of minimalist-living inspiration, its mere presence may plague you into submission for the rest of eternity. But with the right podcast–a show that gives you digestible real-life strategies for simplifying, downsizing and organizing your life–anything is possible. It’s like your most organized friend is right there with you, teaching you how to be the minimalist-living maven that you’ve always wanted to be.

And now, for my next trick, I will wow you with relevant data! A recent study conducted by podcast listening app Deezer, many Americans are listening to podcasts as a way to support their mental health during quarantine–and it can really make a positive impact. A solid 38% of respondents reported turning to podcasts as a strategy to improve their mood during lockdown, and 53% experienced mental health benefits from audio content focused on relaxation, mindfulness and self-improvement.

So, try it out…because why the heck not? Listen to the following minimalist-living podcasts and see if it helps you to stay engaged, inspired and focused during your home cleaning endeavors. Plus, you’ll probably learn a thing or two about how to live a happier and less clutter-y life! Hooray!

Sustainable Minimalists

sustainable living podcasts

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Sustainable Minimalists is a lifestyle podcast hosted by Stephanie Seferian. She’s a mom, author and the founder of a fabulous sustainable living website called Mama Minimalist. Stephanie’s signature brand of minimalism focuses on an important-but-frequently-overlooked perk of living with less–environmental sustainability.

In her own words, Stephanie’s target audience is “women who want tidiness without trash”. Sustainable Minimalists addresses the discord between the modern consumerist take on minimalism– decluttering, “tidying”, and getting rid of possessions without the burden of guilt or shame–versus sustainable minimalism, an environmentally-conscious way of living that has been around for centuries.

Sustainable Minimalists explores the way that minimalism and eco-friendliness are intrinsically intertwined. She points out the problem with consumption without intention, and highlights our collective tendency to overemphasize decluttering and underemphasize the reasons why we overbuy in the first place.

Try this episode: “How to Declutter Your Home Without Trashing the Planet”

How To Be a Minimalist

sustainable living podcasts

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The How to be a Minimalist podcast is hosted by Katie Coughran, and it’s all about exploring how minimalist living extends beyond a Pinterest-worthy living room and incorporating breathwork into folding your socks.

On How to be a Minimalist, Katie challenges her listeners to discover their minimalist “whys”, and dives into the many ways that the concept of minimalism can be applied to other realms of life.

Have you ever considered how minimalism is linked to your emotions, or how it might change the value you place on your experiences? Listen to How to be a Minimalist to go deeper with the possibilities of minimalist living.

Try this episode: “Minimalism & The Power of Positive Thinking”


sustainable living podcasts

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Minimal-ish, hosted by mom and online educator Desirae Endres, is a podcast about living a full life with less “stuff”. With in-depth conversations surrounding realistic minimalism and intentional living, Desirae vows to “put minimalism in its place”.

Instead of treating minimalism like a competition to “live with the least”, Minimal-ish focuses on how we can use the principles of minimalism to help us make more space in our day for the things that actually matter to us.

Try this episode: “A Minimal-ish Approach to Decluttering Any Room

Wannabe Minimalist

sustainable living podcasts

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Host Deanna Yates created Wannabe Minimalist to provide easy and practical minimalist living tips for families. Her podcast is for those “who are tired of the chaos in their life, but not sure this whole ‘minimalism thing’ will work for them and their busy family”.

Her website, Little Green Bow, provides supplementary material to her podcast episodes. Recent blog posts include “Get Rid of Paper Clutter Forever” and “5 Routines to Simplify Everyday Mom Life”.

Through personal stories and expert guests, Wannabe Minimalist will help you discover how to live with a minimalist mindset without having to throw EVERYTHING away. Deanna swears that it’s “practical, doable, and simple for those of us that wannabe minimalist“.

Try this episode: How Decluttering Helped this Mom Quit Her Job

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