Murad builds awareness with host read podcast ads.

About Murad

Founded by Dr. Howard Murad, M.D., Murad Skincare is a line of clinically-proven, cruelty-free products that meet meticulous standards for safety, efficacy and care you’d expect from a doctor.

Dr. Murad is a board-certified dermatologist and trained pharmacist who is recognized around the world as a visionary for his unmatched scientific innovations. Also, an authority in holistic wellness and stress management, Dr. Murad was the first dermatologist to make the connection between mind, body, health and skincare. Doctor Murad has always said “Skincare is Healthcare.” 

A true reflection of Dr. Murad’s philosophy and lifelong mission to help his patients and consumers live happier, healthier lives, Murad launched a Digital Magazine and Podcast called “Well Connected by Murad,” connecting the dots between science and wellness.

The Media Mix:

Brand vertical: Beauty, Wellness
Objective: Brand Awareness for Digital Magazine and Podcast “ Well Connected by Murad”
Market: US
Flight length: 5 months
Format: Host-read ads, Social Media and Partnership.

The Brief:

Murad was looking to bring awareness to their Digital Magazine and Podcast “ Well Connected by Murad.” The campaign was built around traditional host read podcast ads as well integrated social media and a partnership with one of the podcasters as a contributor in their digital magazine and podcast. They were looking for diversity in the shows/talent. Murad over-indexes with Hispanic, Asian American audiences and were looking to grow with African American consumers. Not only did the brand want to tap into already connected audiences, but also the authentic voice of podcast hosts that believe in their philosophy and could deliver genuine ads and recommendations for their listeners.

The Solution:

A combination of host-read ads, Instagram stories and reels to deliver messaging that worked collectively and was in line with other promotions happening company wide. In addition, creative messaging was weaved into the narrative to build excitement and promote two new product launches during the course of the campaign.

The Creators

The Impact:

The hosts sincere and genuine tone and love for the product resonated with the brands target audience. After hearing the Baby Foot® ad listeners were more likely to associate the brand and the campaign message with the hosts overall philosophy and message which resulted in +200% ROI in sales.

Not only was Baby Foot® able to access shows that are not typically available on other platforms but also succeeded in connecting with specific audiences that closely aligned with the brand’s ethos and message. The results were significant in driving sales and creating a positive brand impact.

The results




Host read ads

What Murad had to say.

Working with Ossa as part of an effort to raise awareness not only of Murad Skincare but of our digital magazine and podcast Well Connected by Murad was a great experience. The team at Ossa really understood what we were trying to achieve and not only connected us to a diverse group of podcast hosts but those that covered topics very aligned to what makes Murad unique as not only a skincare brand but a wellness authority. The streamlined process and the excellent management from the team made the experience very easy and seamless.

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