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Murder Mystery | 6 Popular True Crime Podcasts In The Ossa Network

Murder mystery podcasts are some of the most popular shows in the industry. This makes sense considering the fact that Serial made podcast obsession mainstream back in 2014. Since then, more powerhouse female-hosted shows like My Favorite Murder and Criminal have made big waves in the genre. True crime and murder mystery podcasts were responsible for one out of every ten dollars made by podcasters in 2019.

People seem to have a natural psychological obsession with solving puzzles and getting curious about unsolved mysteries. True crime podcasts put the listener into an investigative role (in partnership with the host) to create a uniquely engaging listener experience that is difficult for other genres to match.

Below you’ll find some of the most obsession-worthy true crime/murder mystery podcasts in the Ossa network. There’s something for every listener in this space, from cold case files to haunting fictional narration and so much more:



Hosts: Eileen & Charlie

Listen: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Who doesn’t love talking through their latest true crime obsession with their BFFs? Join hosts Eileen and Charlie as they discuss high profile cold cases, mysterious disappearances, and high profile murders. Using primary audio clips and emotive narration, the Crimelapse podcast is a truly immersive experience.

Try this episode: Castles: The Murder of Diren Dede

Mens Rea

mens rea

Host: Sinead McHugh

Listen: Website | Apple Podcasts

The term mens rea is based on the mental element of intent required to prove that certain crimes have been committed. This podcast of the same name focuses on the kinds of murder cases you’ll have to hear to believe. The cases described in this podcast are based in Ireland and the UK, as host Sinead McHugh has ties to the area as a former tour guide at a busy Irish landmark and academic in the surrounding areas. Dive in every fortnight for a fresh perspective on notorious crimes.

Try This Episode: Savage: The Murder of James Healy



Writer/Producer: Jamie Killen

Listen: Website | Apple Podcasts

If fictional mystery is more your speed, check out the Mirrors podcast, written and produced by Jamie Killen and staring voice actors Lucy Pearce, Sarah Hemmi, Karin Heimdal, and Jamie Killen. The Mirrors story follows three women from three different cities living in different centuries, all haunted by the exact same creatures. With 22 chapters of content, this story feed your obsession for weeks.

Try This Episode: Chapter 1



Host: Emily G. Thompson

Listen: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

The Morbidology podcast uses primary source documents, on-scene audio clips, and investigative research methods to take a deeper look at the world’s most gruesome murders. This weekly true crime murder mystery podcast is hosted by author Emily G. thompson. Her books include Unsolved Child Murders and Cults Uncovered. She also co-author of Unsolved Murders: True Crime Cases Uncovered. Take a listen to Morbidology for Emily’s perspective and expertise.

Try This Episode: Morbidology Special: Halloween Murders

Our True Crime Podcast

our true crime

Host: Jennifer Flanders

Listen: Website | Stitcher

Looking for a more obscure cases from a murder mystery podcast? Our True Crime Podcast profiles the bizarre and lower profile criminal cases over the last few decades. They pull together information on lesser-known murders from around the globe to make you question everything you thought you knew about murder mysteries.

Try this episode: 103. Stark Raving Mad: George Trepal

Re-Solved Mysteries

re-solved mysteries

Host: Alison, Eliza, & Karlin

Listen: Apple Podcasts | Google Play

The Re-Solved Mysteries podcasts revisits segments from the everyone’s favorite 90s television show, Unsolved Mysteries. Through fun recaps and juicy updates on these old cases, the hosts create a fun atmosphere with a modern twist on 20th century murder mysteries.

Try this episode: Bring Your Donkey

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