About Us

Welcome to Ossa!

Ossa (pronounced “AH-sah”) is a women’s podcast network on a mission to help women in podcasting to increase their earning power, elevate their social and cultural influence, and land more shows in the Top 100.

At Ossa, we believe that podcasting is a powerful communication platform with the potential to elevate women’s voices on a global scale. Ossa is committed to closing the gender gap by helping women leverage podcasting as a tool for empowerment.

Ossa for Podcasters

Ossa membership for podcasters includes the following benefits:


Add your show to Ossa’s in-house ad booking platform and start making money from your content


Network and collaborate with a supportive and interactive community of women in podcasting


Gain exclusive access to resources, e-courses, offers and promotional opportunities to maximize the success of your podcast


Maintain 100% creative control over your show and the advertisers you work with. Plus, Ossa membership is non-exclusive, so you can still belong to other networks.


Unlike many other podcast ad booking platforms, Ossa welcomes small-to-medium-sized podcasts.*


Ossa requires zero application or membership fees. We only make money if you do!

*For ad booking purposes, we recommend that your show has a minimum of 1,000 downloads per episode before you apply to join Ossa.

Podcasters: Apply to join Ossa at joinossa.com

Questions? Email support@ossacollective.com.

Ossa for Advertisers

Ossa gives consumer-facing businesses a personalized connection to the world’s most powerful consumers — women.

Enter information about your budget and target audience into our in-house ad booking platform and match with the perfect podcasts for your product in just a few clicks.

Unlike many other ad booking platforms, Ossa offers your business the ability to work directly with the podcasters on our network to craft the perfect, customized message for your product.

Advertisers: Sign up for Ossa at joinossa.com.

Questions? Email support@ossacollective.com.

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