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Ossa Featured Podcaster: LaKisha Mosley, Host of The Convo With Kisha Podcast

LaKisha Mosley is the host of The Convo with Kisha podcast. Her show highlights people in the lifestyle and business sectors making big waves in their respective fields. LaKisha started this podcast as a natural next step to her interview skills on her blog, and after struggling a bit with her own self-acceptance, she found her stride and uses her platform for education, empowerment, and so much more!

Listen to The Convo With Kisha on Anchor and leave a review while you’re there. Read on for more fro LaKisha Mosley in her own words.


LaKisha Mosley

Podcast Name:

Convo With Kisha

Tell us what your podcast is about in 3 sentences or less! 

Convo with Kisha is cutting edge podcast filled with insightful conversations with subject matter experts. It has featured business people such as marketers, health gurus and online vendors.

Current hometown: 

Houston, TX

Originally from: 

Alexandria, LA

What’s a quote or piece of advice that you try to live by? 

Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Your Superpower:


One thing on your bucket list:

Travel to Iceland

Personal Anthem:

“Just Fine” by Mary J. Blige

Last text message you sent:

“I love you”

What was your first job?

Working at Taco Bell!

Any unusual hobbies?

I wouldn’t call it unusual but I love collecting pens.

Biggest Pet Peeve:

Anything last minute

What inspired you to start your podcast? 

I do blog features on my blog site. Interviewing the guests was so much fun that I decided to start a podcast and bring that fun and magic to light for others to see and hear.

Tell us more about your work/life outside of your podcast.

I am a grocery store manager for a local grocery store chain. I also own a blog and event management firm.

What is your show’s USP?

It has me! I have a very diverse line-up of guests.

What is one of the greatest challenges you have personally faced with your podcast?

My greatest challenge has been trying to grow my show. I’m trying to find ways to expand the show and grow my audience.

What was one of your favorite episodes you’ve ever done? Why does it stand out?

One of my favorite episodes is actually my first show. It was on Fathers Day and featured my pastor, Pastor Kelvin Cox, Sr.

What is one thing you have accomplished with your podcast thus far that you are most proud of? 

Just starting it! I’m glad that I got out the proverbial boat, took the leap and dove deep!

What is one major milestone that you would like to accomplish through your podcast in the next year? 

I want to reach even more listeners with my podcast. I want the guests to impact the listeners in a positive and exponential way.

What is a trend or development in the podcast industry that you foresee happening in the next few years?

I see more podcasts being launched, but more so in the form of live shows.

What is one of the best pieces of podcast-related advice you’ve ever received & why?

Just start it. The shows doesn’t have to be perfect, but it needs to be engaging. The podcast pushed me into a different arena in which I have grown to love and thrive.

What is one of the worst pieces of podcast-related advice you have ever received & why?

Don’t start a podcast until you have an audience. I was told to not launch until then.

What are some of your favorite women-hosted podcasts (besides your own)?

Hustlenomics Podcast by Katie Thompson. Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations and Master Class. Confessions of a Werkaholic by Koereyelle

Can you tell us about a time when you took a huge risk/did something you were scared to do, and it totally paid off?

Starting my podcast was something I initially was so scared to do. To be transparent, I hated the sound of my voice so starting this podcast took a lot of self-acceptance which later turned into self-appreciation for my authenticity.

Are there any great podcast-related resources you love that you would like to share?

The 2020 Podcast Planner by Lene Hypolite. I also use the Anchor app to record my show.

Is there a charity or cause you care about that you would like to share?

Black Lives Matter

How do you feel you’re making a positive impact and generating change through your podcast? 

I love the way listeners react to the guests that appear and how the conversations shared resonate with them.

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