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Ossa Featured Podcaster: Leslie Denman, Host Of The Grown Black Woman Success Podcast

Leslie Denman is the host of the Grown Black Woman Success podcast. Her show aims to empower black women to step into their full power through mindset strategies and action steps that lead to positive change. She encourages women to define their version of success and pursue it.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer three times (the first being at the young age of 27), Leslie became a Christian Life Purpose Coach. This catapulted her on her journey to personal and professional fulfillment, now working as the founder of a non-profit, the CEO of Grown Black Woman Success, and a community influencer at Urban Specialists.

Read Leslie’s inspirational story in her own words below, and listen, subscribe, and review her show at these links:

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leslie denman


Leslie Denman

Podcast Name:

Grown Black Woman Success

Tell us what your podcast is about in 3 sentences or less! 

We talk about the joys and challenges that come with achieving success all from a grown black woman’s perspective.

Current hometown: 

Grand Prairie, Texas

Originally from: 

Omaha, Texas

What’s a quote or piece of advice that you try to live by? 

It’s not about living life, it is about living life on purpose.

Your Superpower: 


One thing on your bucket list:

Week long vacation trip to Johannesburg, South Africa.

Personal Anthem:

“I’m Every Woman” by Whitney Houston

Last text message you sent:

To a team member looking for a phone numbers for cohort members to text reminders of upcoming coaching call.

What was your first job?

Cook at Dairy Queen

Any unusual hobbies?

Watching pimple popping on YouTube

Biggest Pet Peeve:

Someone slurping their drink

What inspired you to start your podcast? 

To motivate black women to define and pursue success in their lives.

Tell us more about your work/life outside of your podcast.

I am Founder of Non-profit Girls Living Life On Purpose and the CEO of Leslie Denman Enterprises where I am officially putting on my big girl panties and moving from hobbyist to CEO for real.

I also work a 9 to 5 at Urban Specialists where we catalyze OGs to speak their truth, and use their influence to do good in the community so that we can end this culture of senseless violence.

leslie denman grown black woman success

What is your show’s USP?

I provide simple but proven success strategies to help women take the next best step.

What is one of the greatest challenges you have personally faced with your podcast?

Recording quality. I originally wanted to have guest once a month but with my first guest, the sound quality was horrible and rescheduling proved difficult and so I decided to go solo until I find a dependable solution. I want this show to sound authentic and really do not want to waste tons of time editing it to perfection.

What was one of your favorite episodes you’ve ever done? Why does it stand out?

10 Things Every Grown Black Woman Needs to Succeed in 2020. At first I thought, this is too simple and no one will listen but I also knew that in talking with women that many did not know this but I was not sure they would listen.

I did it in spite of my doubts and it was one of the most downloaded and I received tons of feedback that is was so encouraging and that they were going to start checking things off their list.

What is one thing you have accomplished with your podcast thus far that you are most proud of? 

Consistency. I started a podcast a few years ago and had to stop due to breast cancer diagnosis. I re-branded and started again last year and had to stop in December due to a third breast cancer diagnosis, but I refused to quit.

What is one major milestone that you would like to accomplish through your podcast in the next year? 

Consistently release a podcast every two weeks. 1000 downloads. One show sponsor.

What is a trend or development in the podcast industry that you foresee happening in the next few years?

More empowerment and spiritual support. People are seeking identity and deeper meaning in their life. Podcasts can become mobile training academies.

What is one of the best pieces of podcast-related advice you’ve ever received & why?

Be consistent and be yourself. We are all unique and can become guilty of the imposter syndrome afraid that who we are and what we have to share is not good enough and no one will want to hear what we have to say.

What is one of the worst pieces of podcast-related advice you have ever received & why?

It must sound perfect. That idea is what took me so long to get started in the first place. I was so busy trying to write the script, memorize the script and then find someone to edit the few ahs and ums, and it became overwhelming. I now focus on great content with a few edits here and there and continue to improve with each episode.

What are some of your favorite women-hosted podcasts (besides your own)?

Sistahs Connect, Online Marketing Made Easy, The Smart Passive Income Podcast.

Can you tell us about a time when you took a huge risk/did something you were scared to do, and it totally paid off?

After being diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 27, I became a Christian Life Purpose Coach which led me down the path to forming the nonprofit Girls Living Life On Purpose. We have been able to empower over 3000 girls for purpose and success and I had no idea what in the world I was doing. I just had a passion to discover and live my purpose.

Are there any great podcast-related resources you love that you would like to share?

When I am asked about starting a podcast, I typically refer people to Pat Flynn’s YouTube on starting a podcast. I refer them to Audacity and Libsyn, too.

Is there a charity or cause you care about that you would like to share?

Girls Living Life On Purpose, Inc. Our website is being updated but it’s: www.gllopinc.org

How do you feel you’re making a positive impact and generating change through your podcast? 

The preparation of each podcast requires thought about the next best step for my ideal audience, which is a black woman who has been in survival mode so long that success seems unreachable. My goal is take that woman on a transformative journey each year, beginning with her mindset.

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