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Ossa Lounge Episode 5: ft. Amanda Boleyn, Founder & Host, She Did It Her Way Podcast

On the latest episode of Ossa Lounge, Marla, Lori and Meredith pull a random question card from PodDecks: “What strange thing would you like to have happen at your funeral to make people laugh?”


This week’s podcast news headlines:

  • Podtrac Reports a Slow but Steady Return to Normal in Podcast Listenership Data
  • How COVID-19 has Impacted the Popularity of Certain Podcast Categories
  • Barstool Sports Reports that Advertising Flexibility has Been Key to Staying Afloat During COVID-19

This Week’s Featured Guest: Amanda Boleyn, Founder and Host of She Did It Her Way

Amanda Boleyn is the founder and host of She Did It Her Way, a Forbes, Inc, and Entrepreneur.com top-rated podcast. Her show (and corresponding blog, e-courses, and coaching) provides a resource for female entrepreneurs to build their own businesses and start creating from anywhere, designing their own schedules, and pursuing their passion.

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Hosted By:

  • Marla Isackson, CEO/Founder, Ossa
  • Lori Lefcourt, Queen of Brands, Ossa
  • Meredith Reed, Editor-in-Chief, Ossa

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