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Ossa Lounge Episode 8: Felicia Shakespeare, Host of A Purpose Driven Woman Podcast

On Episode 8 of the Ossa Lounge podcast, we jump right in to our interview with Felicia Shakespeare – author, podcaster, international speaker, educator and entrepreneur. The native Chicagoan has an impressive breadth of career experience that spans through years of working for Fortune 500 companies and for the third largest school district in America.


This Week’s Featured Guest: Felicia Shakespeare, Host of A Purpose Driven Woman Podcast

On her podcast, A Purpose-Driven Woman, Felicia shares stories of motivation, mastery and hope. By urging her audience to take actionable and intentional steps toward their vision of success, she challenges her listeners to dare to live a life that is beyond their greatest expectations.

Whether she’s coaching, writing, speaking, or building her Purpose-Driven empire, every single one of Felicia’s business initiatives in connected by a common mission – to inspire others to be intentional about living a life of faith and purpose.

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This week’s podcast news headlines:

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  • Podtrac Reports Record Number of Podcast Downloads and Listeners in 2020

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