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Ossa Lounge Episode 13: Jen Amos, Co-Host & Producer of The Filipino American Women Project

This week’s guest on The Ossa Lounge podcast is Jen Amos, co-host of The Filipino American Woman Project. Our hosts also pull from Pod Decks to discuss the question of the week: If you could sing a duet with anyone, who would it be? Listen here:

Stopping by the Lounge: Jen Amos from the Filipino American Women Project

Jen Amos is co-host and producer of The Filipino American Woman Project, a podcast that shares stories and life lessons told to American women of Filipino descent.

Jen is a Gold Star daughter, the spouse of a military veteran, and Director of Operations for a financial firm focused on military families. All of this serves as inspiration for her second podcast, Holding Down the Fort. This show is dedicated to making the lives of active duty military spouses easier by curating knowledge, resources, and stories that can help them make informed decisions for their family.

Listen to The Filipino American Woman Project on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, and follow them on Instagram.

This week’s podcast news headlines:

  • Podcast Movement Goes Virtual With Their Dallas 2020 Conference
  • Pandora Tries Out Interactive Voice Advertising
  • Top Spenders for Podcasting Advertising June 2020

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