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Ossa Lounge Episode 11: Rob Walch, VP of Podcaster Relations at Libsyn

This week’s guest of honor is Rob Walch, Vice President of Podcaster Relations with podcast hosting platform Libsyn. Our hosts also pull from Pod Decks to discuss the question of the week: What is the longest you’ve ever waited in line for something? Listen here:


Stopping by the Lounge: Rob Walch, VP of Podcaster Relations at Libsyn

As Libsyn’s VP of Podcaster Relations, Rob has been in charge of onboarding big names like Dave Ramsey, HBO, Joe Rogan, PRI, and Joyce Meyer to join the LibsynPro service. He builds and manages strategic relationships for Libsyn with key partners including Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Blackberry, Verizon, Adobe, and Cisco.

As the longtime host and co-host of several shows, Rob is a leading expert in all things podcasting. He is host of the podCast411 podcast, the Today in iOS podcast, and the KC Startup 411 podcast, and co-host of the Today in Podcasting podcast and The Feed podcast.

Rob leads the Kansas City Podcaster Meetup, has written columns for Blogger and Podcaster Magazine and App Developer Magazine, and has co-authored a book, Tricks of the Podcasting Masters.

…but that’s not all! Rob has been a podcasting consultant to Gov. Bill Richardson, Senator John Edwards, Dr. Mark Hyman, Tim Ferriss, Jack Welch, and many other high-profile clients.

For more from Rob Walch:
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This week’s podcast news headlines:

  • Cadence 13 Launches C13Features, New “Hollywood Movie” Podcast Creation Studio
  • During COVID, Advertisers are Doubling Down on Large Podcasts
  • The Podcast Academy is Accepting Applications; Drops Their Letter of Recommendation Requirement

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