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Ossa Lounge Episode 9: Travis Brown, Inventor of Pod Decks

This week’s guest is Travis Brown – podcaster, teacher, and inventor of one of our favorite products to bring to the Ossa Lounge, Pod Decks!

What started as a free gift for signups on his e-course quickly transformed into a full-fledged business when Travis quickly realized he had designed a product that podcasters would go crazy for (including us!).


This Week’s Featured Guest: Travis Brown, Inventor of Pod Decks

Pod Decks are decks of cards that can be used as a tool for any podcaster to spark an interesting discussion about something unexpected. You’ve probably heard our Ossa Lounge hosts using Pod Decks at the beginning of our episodes as a fun way to get the conversation flowing!

Pod Decks can also be used to grow your social media presence. Going live on Instagram or Facebook with prompts from Pod Decks can be a great way for your audience to get to know you and connect with your brand on a deeper level.

Travis also runs PodcastBuddy, a podcast production service that enables podcasters to outsource the tedious production tasks that can be overwhelming for podcasters to handle alone.

For more from Travis Brown:
Pod Decks Website // Pod Decks Instagram // PodcastBuddy Website // Podcast Buddy Instagram

This week’s podcast news headlines:

  • Music Licensing Firm Syncfloor Makes it Easier for Podcasters to Incorporate Music into Their Shows
  • Zencaster Releases Beta Version of New Video Podcasting Tool
  • New Survey Indicates That Podcasts Have Less Than 15 Minutes to Hook New Listeners
  • Past Racist Behavior Catches Up With Host of Straight Up With Stassi Stassi Schroeder

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  • Marla Isackson, CEO/Founder, Ossa
  • Lori Lefcourt, Queen of Brands, Ossa
  • Meredith Reed, Editor-in-Chief, Ossa
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