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10 Ossa Podcasts to Book This February

Looking to book an advertising campaign? We’re here to help! Every month, we highlight a handful creators that cover a wide range of categories – from comedy, society & culture, to true crime, arts, education – and everything in between. These creators also have dedicated listenership spanning across various platforms.

Check out this months featured podcast creators below – and book today with Ossa!

WTF! Women Talk Finance

WTF! Women Talk Finance podcast brings you weekly episodes from the world of finance, created specifically for women! Learn from Candace Powell & Jacqueline Kuiper, both experienced finance professionals, as we explore real estate, how to invest with confidence, and how to ask for a raise! We’ll talk to women in the industry and have conversations that will resonate and inspire!

Listenership at a Glance:

82% female with a median age of 32

The David Knight Show

David Knight brings you news, interviews and analysis LIVE every weekday morning. With decades of experience as news anchor, reporter and radio host, political candidate, David has broadcast live from events ranging from political conventions to the Bundy ranch standoff. With guests ranging from the former tech head of the NSA to the New Jersey Weedman, the broadcasts are diverse in topics. As an entrepreneur with a background in engineering and politics, Knight explores the junction of business, technology and freedom with experts in their field.

Listenership at a Glimpse:

Multiple episodes weekly
304k monthly listens
5-6k new episode listens

Late Learner with Allison Hare

Remember that ALIVE badass you accidentally left behind? Yeah, we are getting her back and going BIGGER! Late Learner (formerly known as Culture Changers) is where we are breaking down the behaviors that hold us back and learning the cutting-edge and most effective ways to heal and move forward with confidence. This podcast is for the person who ALLLLMOST told yourself it was too late. Turns out, you’re not about the status quo after all. You’ll always find something new, something unexpected, and actionable takeaways that will leave you reconnected to your own magic. And yes, you’re right on time.

Listenership at a Glimpse:

Weekly episodes

56% Female

Median Age: 38

Wine, Women & Words

Most people pair their wine with food but here, at Wine, Women and Words we pair our wine with books. Join us each week as we chat with authors, read books and of course, drink wine!

Listenership at a Glimpse:

Weekly episodes

1k monthly listens

For The Wild

For The Wild Podcast is an anthology of the Anthropocene; focused on land-based protection, co-liberation and intersectional storytelling rooted in a paradigm shift away from human supremacy, endless growth and consumerism.

Listenership at a Glimpse:

Weekly Episodes

83k monthly listens

9k new episode listens

Erotic Short Stories: Read By Mia Hart

Hey there, I’m Mia. Welcome to Erotic Stories Podcast. Every Friday I upload a new episode. This a place to indulge and unleash your wildest fantasies. My stories are pure escapism and a chance for you to indulge in some sensual erotica when ever you feel in the mood.

Listenership at a Glimpse:

Weekly Episodes

96k+ monthly listens

5k+ new episode listens

SyFy Sistas

Four Black women, who are O.G., Gen X, and Millennial Trekkies, discuss Black science fiction in tv, films, graphic novels, books and conventions.

Listenership at a Glimpse:

3k+ monthly listens

1.6k+ new episode listens

Ozarks True Crime

Ozarks True Crime is an editaudio Original investigative podcast based on true crime in the mysterious and oft-forgotten region of the Ozarks. Host and writer Anne Roderique-Jones travels to back to her hometown and weaves in a personal narrative as she examines the intricate trail of untold stories.

Listenership at a Glimpse:

112k+ monthly listens

25k+ new episode listens

Dumb Dumbs and Dragons: A Dungeons and Dragons Podcast

Mildly comedic podcast encouraging mom’s to be the best mom ever and most importantly maintain our sanity while you do it! How to stay balanced. How to instill positive qualities in your child. Life balance. Time saver tips. How to overcome challenges at every age. How to maintain your glam while being a mother. Wide range of topics in parenting, nutrition, childhood development, cooking for your family, pregnancy, newborns, toddlers, young kids & teens. Delivered in a no frills tell it like it is manner.

Listenership at a Glimpse:

Weekly Episodes

215k+ monthly listens

33k+ new episodes listens

Out on the Lanai: A Golden Girls Podcast

Out on the Lanai is a podcast dedicated to the innovative 80’s sitcom, The Golden Girls. Each week, hosts (and GG superfans) H. Alan Scott and Kerri Doherty invite a guest over to watch and dissect an episode of the show.

Listenership at a Glimpse:

Weekly Episodes

23k+ monthly listens

3k+ new episode listens

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