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Top Ossa Podcasts for June 2022

As we wrap up June, we wanted to highlight some of the Ossa team’s favorite new app users! Out of the 140 podcasts that signed up for the Ossa app this month, these five stood out from the crows.

The following group is a combination of legacy members and brand new Ossies who are creating exceptional content on their shows. We’re so proud to focus on empowering indie women+ hosted podcasts like these!

Academic Aunties

Smart. Strong. Straightforward. Academic Aunties really is like eavesdropping on a conversation between your cool, accomplished aunties while they discuss pain points we all encounter in everyday life. Tune in for an educated and candid perspective around everything from family dynamic representation in film, workplace hierarchies – even how to generally navigate this world and advocate for yourself exactly where you’re at.

not perfect podcast

Not Perfect Podcast with Poppy Jamie

Poppy’s voice is soothing and welcoming – [perfect] for exploring the beautiful and imperfect experience that comes with being human. Poppy discusses pain, joy, growth, science, spirituality, and everything in between. The perfect listening for a period of self reflection, with tips, tricks, tools, and wisdom to approach life with peace of mind. 

novel finds

Novel Finds

Books, books, books! Maggie and Julia are warm and welcoming to listeners and guests alike. Conversations around good reads, bookshops, authors, themes, genres, and everything in between. It’s like joining a book club without the pressure of… joining a book club, you know? 😉 

bossy queens

Bossy Queens Podcast

GET EMPOWERED. Shadai is unapologetic, powerful and inspiring in exactly who she is – opening up the conversation of what it’s like to be a woman, while sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience. Shadai’s perspective comes with a dynamic optimism that sticks with you long after you listen.

The Brave Files

Host Heather Vickery has infectious energy discussing everything we go through that’s uncomfortable, and the beauty that sits beyond it. It’s easy listening for complex themes like misogyny, sexism and the absurdity that surrounds it. Come for fun but layered discussions around questions like – “What if Women Acted Like Men?” and stay for thoughtful advice around things like how to make peace with stress. Love this podcast!  

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