5 Women Revolutionizing The Personal Care Industry (+ Exclusive Promo Codes!)


We are so grateful for the many women who have revolutionized the personal care industry in recent years. Thanks to these female founders, all women are able to enjoy more independence, comfort, confidence, and even safety in our day-to-day lives.

Here are 5 of our favorite women innovating the personal care industry today. Plus: enjoy exclusive promo codes on their products!

Brief Transitions

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Brief Transitions Founder Mary Clavieres

Founder: Mary Clavieres

Company Description: Mesh underwear for women after childbirth and surgeries.

What inspired you to start your company?

“I saw a unique need in the marketplace after the birth of my daughter. The hospital gave me mesh underwear to use after my C-section, and I couldn’t find them to purchase for my home recovery. I bought oversized underwear and cut the elastic to avoid putting pressure on my midsection. Brief Transitions was born out of a desire to provide mesh underwear to women because they deserve to have the supplies they need for postpartum and post-surgical recovery.”

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Brief Transitions

How is your company generating positive change?

“We are empowering women to share their stories and their struggles, to be open and honest about motherhood, and to laugh a little by sharing their mesh underwear stories.”

Featured Product: Brief Transitions Postpartum Mesh Underwear in Black (5 pack), $17.75

Product Description: Brief Transitions Postpartum Panties are great for any pregnant friend in your life! Give her the gift of something useful for her recovery in the early weeks of motherhood.

Special Offer: Use code BTHOLIDAY10 for 10% off!

Website: https://www.brieftransitions.com


Founder: Jill Angelo

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Genneve CEO Jill Angelo

Company Description: Genneve’s mission is to empower women to take control of their health in midlife and menopause. They’re accomplishing this by increasing access to women’s health care education, practitioners, and products via their digital health platform.

What inspired you to start your company?

“A passion for women’s health and a realization that women in midlife aren’t getting the help they need to thrive through the hormonal changes of perimenopause and menopause.”

How is your company generating positive change?

“We’re helping women understand the changes in their bodies, manage sometimes extremely disruptive symptoms, and make changes that will help ensure a healthier second-half of their life.”

personal care

Featured Product: The genneve Moisture System, $39.00, and you can save 10% on every shipment if you choose auto-renewal. Free shipping in the U.S.

Product Description: This moisturizing set provides relief from dryness during intimacy and can also be used for daily use to feel clean, fresh, and moisturized.

Special Offer: Use code GENNEVEGIFT for 40% off your entire cart

Website: https://genneve.com


personal care

Founder: Crystal Etienne

Company Description: Underwear & swimwear with leak-proof protection

What inspired you to start your company?

“In my twenties, I gave birth to my daughter. One day out of the blue, I noticed that when I would laugh or cough, I had no control over pesky leaks.

“At first I felt embarrassed, and I couldn’t find a solution on the market. The world is shifting away from sanitary pads, but the other solution available — insertables — may be dangerous, riddled with chemicals and often fails. Many people choose this option for comfort, even though it could be unsafe.

“As my daughter grew up, she got nervous to go to swim meets on her period. I couldn’t bear the idea of her feeling ashamed or awkward. I wanted her to know she could do anything with confidence!

“I created the solution. PantyProp is a health-leisure brand that offers a comprehensive line of hygiene fashion wearables with built-in technology for incontinence and feminine care.”

personal care
PantyProp Founder Crystal Etienne

How is your company generating positive change?

“We ​offer swimwear, activewear, sleepwear, and underwear that is locally sourced, made of organic cotton, has no chemicals and features one-of-a-kind, patent-pending technology to mould to your body. I hand-selected every fabric we use with love. Our manufacturers are paid a fair wage. You can feel good about what you are putting on your body. We ship to all 195 countries.”

Featured Product: The Propster, $19.99

Product Description: The Hipster (aka “The Propster”) can be worn with a pad, tampon, menstrual cup or alone depending on your flow — 100% leak-proof and discreet. Fit: low-rise, full-coverage, hip-hugging. Fabric: Hipster is 82% ITY knit blend and 18% spandex; leak-proof gusset is 2 layers of 100% absorbent cotton and dri-tech mesh. Made in the USA. Available in sizes XS – 3X.

Special Offer: Get 15% off your order with promo code LAGBXO

Website: www.pantyprop.com

Two to Tango

personal care
Candice Smith, Cofounder, Two to Tango

Founder(s): Candice Smith

Company Description:

Two to Tango is a sexual wellness and education company providing sex education for adults. Their Sexperiential Learning™ program uses hands-on board games and products to teach intimate communication and deepen emotional connections.

Two to Tango provides couples with fun board games for sex and intimacy — but these games are actually research-backed products that incorporate cognitive science, relationship psychology, linguistic studies, and education pedagogy.

What inspired you to start your company?

When Two to Tango Cofounder Candice Smith graduated in 2011 with an undergraduate degree in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, there was a great deal of apathy around feminism, consent, and women’s issues. Armed with the belief that education was the only way to generate meaningful change in society, Candice joined Teach for America and earned a Masters Degree in Education.

During this time, she focused on increasing engagement through gamification, a technique that incorporates elements of game playing (e.g., point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) into other areas of activity (such as education) in order to increase engagement and team-building.

Meanwhile, Candice noticed that despite her sexuality studies education, she was struggling to communicate her sexual wants, needs and desires in her personal and dating life. Candice finally found empowerment through “sexperimentation”, and learned how to apply the sexual power dynamics she understood in theory and put them into practice in her real life. It revolutionized her entire view of sex and intimacy.

Candice’s new level of self-understanding and discovery enabled her to enter into a healthy intimate relationship. Not long after, the #metoo movement gained traction. This, paired with her own journey of sexual empowerment, led Candice to realize more than ever that society was in need of better education tools surrounding communication and sexuality.

Candice and her partner set out to tackle this issue by launching Two to Tango, a line of adult sex-ed products and services that use Sexperiential Learning™ to create a common language for couples. This makes the bedroom into a safe space where both partners can engage in honest communication and respect.

personal care
Two to Tango’s Art of Self Discovery Box

How is your company generating positive change

“Two to Tango was founded, ultimately, to destigmatize human sexuality and intimate communication so that the human experience is happier and more fulfilling — with amazing sex — and I’m proud to say we are realizing our mission!

“Our Sexperiential Learning™ games create a common intimate language for couples and maintain an expectation that the bedroom is a safe space where both partners can express mutual respect and love — while keeping intimacy fresh and fun! Our happy couples write us with stories of how we have changed their intimacy both inside and outside of the bedroom.”

Featured Product: Our Self Love Kit for Ladies: The Art of Self Discovery, $94.95

Product Description:

We’re taking self love to the next level. “The Art of Self Discovery”, our newest limited edition Holiday Gift set, includes ALL the items AND activities for a self love refresh: from 60-second meditations, to a 30-Day “Date Yourself” Challenge!

This kit includes: Self Love Activity Booklet, Wild Orange DoTerra Oil, Aphrodisiac Soy Candle with Passion Flower and Damiana, Aphrodisiac Milk Bath Bomb with Passion Flower, Curved Glass Dildo, Arousal Balm, Small Round Mirror…and 3 more fun extras!

This special set is designed in conjunction with Laurie Davis Edwards, renowned love coach and founder of The Worthy One, a movement designed to empower women in their loves lives– with others AND themselves.

Special Offer: Free Shipping with code HOLIDAYS18

Website: https://www.theKinkKit.com

Slick Chicks

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Helya Mohammadian, Founder of SlickChicks (Image: Forbes)

Founder: Helya Mohammadian

Company Description: Slick Chicks underwear are designed for people with disabilities and mobility challenges, who find the everyday task of changing difficult. 

What inspired you to start your company?

“Three years ago my sister gave birth to my adorable nephew. She had complications during labor and had to undergo an emergency C-section. The post-surgery recovery left her feeling debilitated for several weeks. Just getting out of bed was a major ordeal. Her husband had to help her use the restroom, shower, and change because she couldn’t bend over. Something as personal as putting on her underwear, she couldn’t do alone. I hated to see my sister lose her independence. So I created Slick Chicks underwear to help her change. Little did I realize that this product could have an impact on millions of people.”

How is your company generating positive change?

“Slick Chicks’ side-fastening underwear were designed to empower all people who face any physical challenges. They’re incredibly easy to put on and provide flexibility and convenience for women to change on their own, regaining their independence and dignity.

personal care
Slick Chicks

“Along with a quality product and customer service, we aim to provide our customers with a positive overall experience every time they interact with us. We have also created a safe space within our business by offering not just a product, but educational and informational resources for the disability community. And simply, putting people first and getting back to the basics of empathy, caring, and taking time to show it.”

Featured Product: Slick Chicks Hipster, $28

Product Description: “Our hipster combines comfort and functionality with a sporty silhouette. Crafted from super soft, stretch fabric for every day comfort that makes you look and feel good (seriously, you’ll have the nicest rear view around). Sizes: XS-2XL”

Special Offer: Use code likeabossgirls25, or this link, for 25% off the entire order plus free domestic shipping!

Website: https://slickchicksonline.com/


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