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The Importance Of Podcast Branding In The Eyes Of Experts

All around the world, people are looking for new mediums of connection. Not only are listeners starting to notice podcast branding but also opportunists are shifting their focus towards it. That’s because podcasts are a fantastic way to consume brand-new information and ideas.

In recent years, the podcast industry has exploded massively. With every passing day, podcasters are coming towards podcasting with a dream to build an audience and a podcast brand. Essentially, an audience that could be committed to their shows that they love and share it with everyone. Is it possible? 

Yes, there are top-notch podcasters that have achieved such an incredible following. Their audience are die-hard listeners who adopt the podcasts and the podcast community as their own. Now, the question arises, what is their secret formula of building a successful podcast brand and loyal audience?

See, it all starts with understanding the concept of branding. It’s a fact.

A professional-looking podcast will entice more audiences than a non-professional-looking podcast. The branding of podcasts creates a formidable connection and a belief among the listeners. A belief in which audiences takes the brand identity as their own and become a die-hard fan of the podcaster.  

Marla Isackson, the founder of OSSA, interviewed Amy Wilson, Margaret Ables, Sarah Khadar, and Sandy Thompson to discuss the importance of branding in the podcast industry.

When OSSA asked, specifically in podcasting, what branding means to them? They all replied with some interesting answers. 

Sandy Thompson, the founder of eXploring™, believed that:

The key to success in any organization is the need to understand who they are, why they exist, what role they are playing in people’s lives, and how they want to interact with their customers. So, without a clear understanding of what your brand is, chances are, you’re going to be like the shotgun, just firing things off in a thousand different directions without really knowing. It’s crucial. And I think so many small startups forget what they want to say. They know what they’re trying to put out there into the world, but they don’t know why they’re doing it….”

Sarah Khadar, the brand creative director at the Oprah Winfrey Network and the founder of LVTD Group, had an interesting insight into having the right strategy for podcast branding. 

“Make sure that everything you create ladders back up to your tone, your visual identity, with everything that you kind of create around your brand. And, once you know your brand and you understand it, you would probably be able to create things that cohesively fit within that branding…., You have to be more proactive rather than reactive. And should be confident about who you are as a brand….”

By establishing a podcast brand that is unique and goal orientated, you are setting yourself up for success. Tap this link here to learn more on how to build your podcast brand by joining our Ossa Network for FREE.

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