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Mind of a Mentor Episode #4: Renee Cafaro, U.S. Editor of SLiNK Magazine

Renee Cafaro is the US Editor of SLiNK Magazine, an empowering, body-positive online publication. She owns her voice, her intelligence, her drive, and her body, and her mission is to inspire other women to do the same. Before her fashion and editorial endeavors, Renee had a 12 year run in politics as a political strategist. Her work has always focused on women’s issues.

But as a plus-size five-foot-two woman who also suffers from arthritis, she admits that confidence doesn’t always come easy. Renee’s journey to self-love and body confidence is grounded in the fact that she still has her off days. You’ll become a fan of Renee the moment you hear the story of this influential, witty, ambitious woman.

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Dig Renee’s POV? So do we. That’s why she’s now a regular contributor for Like A Boss Girls. Read more from Renee here:

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