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Ossa Podcast Playlist | Shelley White, Owner, Amalgamated Costume and Design Studio

by Dixie Laite, Dametown.com | If you’re like me, you’re always keeping your ear to the ground about new podcasts over which you can obsess. Well, first, take your ear off the ground — it’s filthy down there. Second, check out my Podcast Playlist series. I polled some of my top most favorite-est favorite people and asked about their top favorite podcasts, and here’s what they came up with. There are sure to be a few here destined to rock your world in 2020!

Editor’s Note: Stay tuned for more segments of our new ongoing series, “Podcast Playlist”. Each installment features a kickass woman from the Ossa community sharing her list of all-time favorite podcasts.

Meet Shelley White

shelley white
Shelley White

Shelley White is a vintage clothing expert who owns the Amalgamated Costume and Design Studio in Arlington, VA. She supplies movies, TV shows (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel anyone?) and nuts like me with great vintage finds.

Shelley’s a successful entrepreneur, she’s savvy, she’s cool, and she’s a great friend.  If she likes something, it’s def worth liking. (You can see some of Shelley’s cool wares on Insta at @amalgamatedshop.) Below, Shelley shares some of her all-time favorite podcasts.

What’s Your Grief?

shelley white
The What’s Your Grief Podcast

What’s Your Grief? is hosted by mental health professionals Eleanor Haley and Litsa Williams, an extension of their eponymous website. In their own words, “they seek to leave no stone unturned in demystifying the complicated and sometimes crazy experience of living life after loss”.

Like their website, Eleanor and Litsa’s podcast is testament to the duo’s shared belief that online platforms provide grieving people with powerful tools for connecting and coping in the wake of loss.

Shelley says, “A great podcast that was so helpful in navigating my grief journey after the loss of my boyfriend to cancer.”

Listen: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher

Deviant Women

Deviant Women Podcast

On each episode of Deviant Women, hosts Alicia and Lauren discuss a “deviant” woman who wasn’t afraid to “break the rules, subvert the system, explore, and to seek and challenge the status quo”.

Deviant Women deals with the complexities of women’s stories, understanding that each person’s story is also a reflection of the larger social and cultural climate.

Shelley says, “Hosts Alicia and Lauren profile interesting women in mythology, history, fiction and the contemporary world.”

Listen: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher

You Must Remember This

shelley white
You Must Remember This Podcast

Film journalist and author Karina Longworth is the creator, writer, producer, and narrator of You Must Remember This, a podcast dedicated to exploring the secret and/or forgotten histories of Hollywood’s first century. Thanks to her breadth of knowledge and dedication to research, Karina’s show has grown from a passion project into one of the top film podcasts around.

Shelley says, “True stories from the Golden Age of Hollywood narrated over old-fashioned movie music. LOVE. (Note from Dixie: Read my interview with Karina Longworth — the woman behind this genius podcast — here.) 

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Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

shelley white
Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

Girlboss Radio is a weekly podcast hosted by Girlboss CEO and Founder Sophia Amoruso and Girlboss Editor-in-Chief and COO Neha Gandhi. The show features honest conversations with trailblazing women. The podcast champions women with material that is funny, useful, and vulnerable.

Shelley says, “Interesting and useful conversations with female entrepreneurs. “

Listen: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Being Boss with Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon

“Business besties” Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson cohost Being Boss, a podcast about knowing what it takes to launch your own business, do the work, and be a boss in work and life.

Being Boss Podcast

Both Kathleen and Emily were successful independent business owners before starting their podcast in January 2015. Now, they use their entrepreneurial background in interviews with experts like Brené BrownMarie ForleoMelissa Hartwig of The Whole 30Jasmine StarLisa CongdonRamit Sethi, and dozens of others.

Shelley says, “A great podcast for creative business owners – from dealing with every day issues in your biz to branding, growing a community, social media, goal setting, shopping local and your wolf pack. Again, LOVE!”

Listen: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

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