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Ossa Podcast Playlist | Tamra Andress, Host of Fit In Faith

fit in faith

Ossa podcaster Tamra Andress is the host of the Fit in Faith podcast, a show rooted in personal empowerment through faith, storytelling, and inspiration. Tamra’s podcast helps listeners find fulfillment through the connection between mind, body, and soul.

By telling her own story and conducting meaningful interviews with fellow movers and shakers, Tamra’s podcast is a testament to joy and true personal fulfillment.

Listen to Fit In Faith by Tamra Andress here and check her out on Instagram and Facebook.

Curious about which podcasts Tamra listens to? Read on for her recommendations of fellow awesome women in podcasting!

empower her

Empower Her Podcast

Host: Kacia Fitzgerald

Listen: Apple Podcasts

Why Tamra loves it: “It’s a PURPOSED place to ignite energy and discover purpose. I love Kacia’s natural electric high vibe and insightfulness on topics of all sort. Applies personally and professionally!”

Try This Episode: “Episode 149: She built a 1.2 Billion Dollar Businesses by following her gut” 

don't keep your day job

Don’t Keep Your Day Job

Host: Cathy Heller

Listen: Apple Podcasts

Why Tamra loves it: “Teaching you how to get paid doing what you love! Cathy has so much wisdom in her delivery method. I value her education and how she provides continued value episode by episode with REAL talk and authenticity.”

Try this episode: “How to Make the Money You Deserve & Know Your Worth”

do the thing movement

Do The Thing Movement

Host: Rebecca Dotson George

Listen: Apple Podcasts

Why Tamra loves it: “Her podcast is all about MOVING and activating what God has planned for us. Her heart for the Lord is priority which inspires and enlightens me even though she’s younger than me – she’s a wise soul!”

Try This Episode: “How To Live Well When Life Falls Apart”


TheInfluenceHer Podcast

Host: Sarah Johnson

Listen: Apple Podcasts

Why Tamra loves it: “Sarah is a story teller with a beautiful heart to inspire others beyond their current belief of potential. Her voice is soothing and her empathy is apparent!”

Try this episode: “S1E6: One Thing I do When I Feel Stressed!”

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