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Podthon 2021: A Weekend of Inclusive Podcasting

Podthon 2021 is almost here, featuring a wide-ranging group of talented and experienced podcasting experts from all sectors of the industry. In its third year, this virtual conference is on a mission to amplify speakers of color in the podcasting space.

Born out of the need for more representation of speakers of color at podcasting conferences across the country, Podthon is proud to feature 25+ diverse speakers from around the world this year. Join Women of Color Podcasters and Asian American Podcasters Association for this summit that encourages people of color to speak on more stages.

Along with those 25+ speakers are two keynote panels with industry leaders, including Elise Escobar from She Podcasts and many more. These informative and insightful presentations with speakers from around the world will provide strategies, tips, and advice for attendees at any stage of their podcasting journey.

Recently, Buzzsprout named this summit one of the most affordable conferences for podcasters. Get your all-access pass to the full weekend lineup here for $120. Mark your calendars for July 17-18th!

Register here.

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