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History | 5 Popular History Podcasts In The Ossa Network

Happy Thanksgiving! Most people use this holiday to celebrate everything that we’re grateful for, but it’s also a great opportunity to reflect on our nation’s (and world’s) history. As the information age booms, it is becoming clearer that there are many more layers to history than we initially thought.

Podcasts are a wonderful way to explore and learn about history through different perspectives. Since history is such a broad topic, you can find a podcast about nearly any niche topic or time period that you’re interested in.

In the spirit of having a safe Thanksgiving holiday, here are some of the most educational, fun, and popular history podcasts in the Ossa network. There’s something for every listener in this space, from historical mysteries to location-specific deep dives and more. Use this long weekend to take a listen and learn more about our roots:

Footnoting History

footnoting history

Host: Elizabeth Burbridge & Team

Listen: Apple Podcasts | Soundcloud

The Footnoting History podcast showcases the lesser known, exciting, and often overlooked footnotes from history. On this show, you’ll hear stories you never could’ve imagined reading in your history textbook. Footnoting History‘s team of academic hosts all have with graduate degrees in the field of history, so you know you’re getting high quality information from passionate experts who have conducted independent research.

Try this episode: Milicent Patrick and the Creature

History Goes Bump

Host: Diane Student

Listen: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

“Ghosts don’t care about time. At least, that’s our theory…”

History Goes Bump is a podcast dedicated to exploring the paranormal side of history. Each episode explores a different historical site that is rumored to be haunted from locations all across the globe. Many of the sites are listener-submitted with added research and insight by the host.

Try This Episode: Fort Delaware

The Renaissance English History Podcast

The Renaissance English History Podcast

Host: Heather Teysko

Listen: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Want to learn more about the Tudors? Curious about the landscape of Europe during the Renaissance? Look no further than the Renaissance English History Podcast. This show is the longest running indie history podcast, broadcasting since 2009. It’s a deep dive into 16th century England, which many regard as the birth of the modern world.

Try This Episode: Episode 154: A brief history of Alchemy

Queen of the Mines

Host: Andrea Anderson

Listen: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

We love this niche podcast about the legendary women who were brave enough to make their own way during the gold rush in California in the late 1840s. Queen of the Mines is a historical drama podcast based on real women who helped shape the future of the United States during this pivotal time in U.S. history.

Try This Episode: Chapter Ten Part One – The Queen of Preservation

Salacious History

Host: Sarah Duncan

Listen: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

“History is sexier than you think.”

The Salacious History podcast explores significant moments in history that were shaped by romance, sex, affairs, and other entanglements. This cheeky yet factual podcast reveals the sexual undertones of our history and brings the power of relationships to the forefront of the historical conversation. The episode linked below is last year’s Thanksgiving special and asks the question, were the Puritans really as pure as everyone thinks?

Try this episode: Sex & Marriage: The Puritans

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