A “Pretty Smart” Productivity Series


Hey Boss Girls,

It was so great to chat with you during the first episode of our live productivity mini series. The goal of this 8-part series is to provide you with all of the tools you need to increase productivity and reduce unnecessary stress.

So, why is productivity important?

Or, why is productivity important enough for us to launch an 8 part mini series dedicated to it? Excellent question. This is something I thought a lot about before launching this series.

As you all might know, in addition to my work with Like A Boss Girls I am the VP of skincare company Immunocologie (and founder of the A Pretty Smart B*tch Blog… I really have a lot on my plate). I ran a short/informal case study on our team, and I found a considerable correlation between team productivity and team morale. When productivity was high, morale was high. When distractivity (my own made up word for distracted, unproductive work) was high, morale was low. I even found that on days we were more productive and did more work, we had more energy than on days we had low output/distracted work. So interesting.

This led me to a bit more research on the subject, and one of the best articles I found was a 5Dynamics write up on the correlation between employee satisfaction and company success. If you ladies have time, it’s definitely worth a read. The gist of the article is that more productive teams are also more collaborative, have better balance, higher employee retention rates, and they even went so far as to quote this statistic from Forbes:

When looking at Fortune’s ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ stock prices rose an average of 14% per year from 1998-2005, compared to 6% for the overall market.

That was evidence enough for me that productivity is worthy of its own series. But where do we begin? There’s so much information out there about productivity, how can I provide you with something digestible and actionable?

Enter: The Tools

With this 8 part mini-series comes a suite of 8 tools to help you systemize and optimize your life. Each week, I’ll introduce a new tool to the Boss Girls who are able to make it to our FB live session (Sunday Nights @ 8pm EST). These tools are brand new – created just for you – and should make your life easier! They’re certainly helping me. Because they’re new I’m going to need your help shaping them, so if you have any feedback at all be sure to email me.

Productivity = Prioritization

This long-winded introduction leads me to our episode 1 topic: prioritization. Now I KNOW that every blog about work culture is preaching the importance of prioritization, but tonight we DISSECTED prioritization. We defined it. We analyzed it. We chose the three most important prioritization factors (tasks, importance, and urgency) and we built them into an easily sortable table. We did some work tonight, so pop your earbuds in, download this nifty Priority Table, and follow along as we master prioritization once and for all.




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