How Productive People Send Emails

I’m always into upping my productivity — nay, let me modify that…effectiveness — game.

That’s why this 2 minute read on the Six Ways The Most Productive People Send Emails from Fast Company tickles my nerdy productivity fancy.

If you want the short version:

1) Keep your emails to 3 sentences or less (a la Shakespeare, “brevity is the soul of wit”)

2)  Start of work hours and lunch time are prime sending times to get an actual response

3)  Don’t reply immediately, so that you can gather your thoughts and express them succinctly (see #1)

4)  Pure facts with no emotion gets little response rate. Instead, use moderately positive or negative vocabulary to get more people responding.

5)  Create a “Waiting to Hear From” folder, so important conversations/people you need to follow up with, don’t get lost in your general inbox.

6)  Know when email ain’t the answer 😉

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