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Publishing and Monetization : The crucial details

Publishing, monetization, and podcast advertising. These are three things that can change your ability to make podcasting work for you! Today, we’re going to take a look at how you can successfully set up your podcast, and harness the power that Ossa provides to help make you money. 

The Nuances of Podcast Advertising

To begin with, we need to take a look at how podcast advertising plays a crucial role. It’s not just about placing ads randomly in an episode. There are nuances like understanding the differences between programmatic and baked-in ads. Programmatic ads are those inserted at specific points in the podcast and can be removed after a period of time, while baked-in ads are incorporated into the podcast’s script and remain on an episode forever. By understanding how each type of ad functions, you can learn when to use each type, and can significantly impact your podcast’s success.

The Importance of IAB Compliance

This is where we begin to take a look at the publishing side of things. We all know that as a podcaster, you must have a host provider which helps to distribute your show. In the world of podcast host providers, IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) compliance is significant. IAB compliance ensures that your hosting provider can utilize podcast advertising that meets industry standards. Being able to demonstrate to brands that your show is IAB compliant will help you to gain trust with them. So remember that it’s not just about creating great content; it’s also about making sure your podcast is accessible to potential brands and advertisers. 

The Power of Subscription Monetization

While advertising is a standard way to monetize a podcast, subscription monetization offers another lucrative avenue. It involves nurturing a community of ‘a thousand true fans’ who are willing to pay for premium content. This can include bonus episodes, early access to episodes, ad-free listening, and more. To learn more about how you can include a subscription element to your podcast, check out episode 7 of Amplify, where industry experts Jason Hoy, CEO and co-founder of Supercast, and Rae Palermo, Senior Manager at Spotify take a deep dive into this topic.

Identifying and Engaging the Right Audience

The key to successful podcast monetization is identifying and engaging the right audience. This involves understanding who your listeners are and creating content that resonates with them. By knowing your audience persona, you can attract sponsors that align with your listeners’ interests, maximizing value for both the sponsors and the listeners. Because lets face it, you’ve worked hard to build your community! We want to make sure that any brands or advertisers you work with are aligned with your goals, and the overall values of your audience so that you can engage more effectively. 

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all model for podcast monetization. It’s about finding what works for your podcast and your audience. The podcast industry is a profitable space, but only if you know how to navigate it. Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or a newbie, these strategies and tips can help you turn your podcasting passion into a profitable venture. Tune in to this episode for a deep dive into podcast monetization, and get ready to take your podcasting journey to new heights.

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