Renee’s Road: 4 Tips To Achieving Your Dreams Through Your Life’s Journey


Renee Millington isn’t one for the glitz and glam. She’s more of a “grind it out, take it ‘till you make it”  type gal. Leading partnerships and sales at Alley started off by following the needs of the community. Need an extra hand at a pitch night?  She was there.  Late clean up for an afterwork mixer not a problem.

Renee recognizes that life’s journey is unpredictable. What she can predict is her performance.

Here are 4 tips to achieving your dreams that Renee herself has used down her career path:

1. “Make a list of the things that you feel like you’re really good at”

Creating a list of your skills can provide  better career insights and self-awareness. A journey is only as good as its roadmap.

2. “Talk and Connect with People”

Connecting with people in your (desired) industry is a surefire way of keeping opportunities open. Social capital is accepted everywhere.

3. “Always Go To Events”

Go to where the people are. No matter what field you’re in, it never hurts to strategically attend social gatherings.

4. “Take It One Step At A Time”

Renee started out as a volunteer and self-proclaimed “pest”. Be willing to show unwavering patience throughout your journey. Persistence is a long-term strategy.

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